Observe, imagine and create with us at ITS Arcademy!

Creative thinking is not just for creatives. It is for everybody. We believe that every human being has the ability to create.

Our educational experiences start from Primary School through all ages and suit every level of skill. Our courses and workshops are inspired by the creative projects contained in our incredible Collection and their imaginative solutions to simple - or complex - problems.


Through playful hands-on experimentation our learning activities will take you on your own creative journey - stimulating curiosity, problem solving and self-discovery.

Inside our workshop our experts will help you explore creative thinking and practise craft techniques to make, repair, reuse, rediscover. Working with others and on your own, you will observe, smell, touch and listen, pushing the boundaries of your own imagination.

Participants to our courses and workshops will:

  • Challenge their perspectives
  • (Re)Discover the pleasure of creating
  • Pick up technical skills
  • Apply creative thinking to other situations
  • Improve self-awareness and concentration
  • Have fun with others

Tailored programmes

From hands-on workshops to creative tinkering sessions and professional courses, our educational programmes can be personalised to cater to each student or group’s specific needs, skills and interests.


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