What is ITS Arcademy

ITS Arcademy is an exhibition space, a creative archive and a learning centre. 1400 square meters open to all, to cultivate creativity, be inspired and experiment.

Built from ITS Contest, an international festival for young designers launched in 2002. ITS Foundation had the foresightedness to preserve a collection piece of each finalist.

A growing cultural and social resource that recounts the evolution of contemporary fashion through the first creations of designers who went on to re-shape the fashion industry.


ITS Arcademy photo identity

The photographic identity of ITS Arcademy was developed by photographer Massimo Gardone.

"To capture the essence and to interpret artistic projects so full of meaning and detail, the only possible approach was to work by subtraction. Stripping the work, to get to the heart of what makes it unique. The starting point was the body, to be modeled as a font, shooting it against the light. Silhouettes to be cut out and placed on a white background. The nuances of light enhance the texture of the materials, the characters become abstract in a metaphysical landscape. A journey to capture the soul of the ITS archive.”

Organisation chart and contacts

ITS Foundation President
Barbara Franchin
ITS Foundation Vice President
Sergio Drioli
Artistic Director
Barbara Franchin
Art Director
Michele de Facchinetti
Creative Director
Fabio Bressan
Management Secretariat & Events
Alessia Turco

Collection & Contest Management
Flavia Cocuccioni
Virginia Dordei

Michele Colucci

Archive conservation
Edoardo Franchin Colombetta
Giorgia Potop
Elena Greco

Archive exhibitions
Rosa Fasan


Irina Ranalli
Rafael Kouto
Lidia Dyal
Costanza Grassi

Giovanni Papalexis

Paola Brandi

Press Office
Alessandro Offer

Graphic Design and Multimedia
Marco Boncompagno
Giulio Dambrosi
Lucia Pasqualin
Martino Pilot

Copywriting & Videomaking
Michele Colucci

Administration and technical services
Stefano Michelani
Giovanni Papalexis
Angelo Liccardi
Reana Velicogna
Federico Rossi

Web & IT Consultant
Fabrizio Bressan
Matteo Colmani



Fondazione ITS

Via Cassa di Risparmio, 10 - 34121 Trieste, Italia
PI: 01324230323
CF: 90112870325

+39 040 300 589                    

Internal switchboard:

1 - Administration
2 - Services
3 - Resource management
4 - Communication
5 - Management secretariat

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