The ITS Arcademy Collection is unlike anything else in the world because it brings together the early works of designers who went on to set new benchmarks for contemporary fashion. Our constantly-evolving twenty-year archive plots the development of international creativity in its most innovative, radical, artistic and experimental forms of expression. An existential journey through the most varied aesthetic aspects of dressing. A collection of extraordinary historical importance that provides a source of continuous inspiration and new unexplored creative pathways.


Generali ensures
the Future
of the Collection

Generali is the first private partner of ITS Arcademy, to take care of a heritage belonging to everyone and to build an innovative and inclusive collective memory, making it accessible to the public. At its heart, ITS Arcademy has the Collection: the precious custodian of the ideas and projects of young talents. Generali will ensure its conservation as well as future acquisitions. Because the future starts here, from creativity and the desire for enterprise, an element of growth and innovation for the community.

Portfolios from 80
different countries

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