ITS 2020 explained episode 13:
 How to upcycle nylon socks into jewellery, by Bo Zhang.

12 Marzo 2021


Bo Zhang graduated from Pforzheim University in 2020. She was selected for the jewellery contest of ITS 2020 with her collection “Chamaeleon”

The main material in Bo’s work are stockings, transformed through melting into unique forms. Working with fire on the one hand represents destruction. On the other hand, it symbolises new life. It can destroy everything and give an object a new look and colour. Bo experimented with several different kinds of stockings in several different materials, through different degrees of fires and temperatures, to see what would happen in terms of melting, colour, thickness and consistency of the outcome. In experiments different materials were melted. The effect seems to be best with polyamide. The final pieces show how artificial materials can imitate natural materials in an amazing way.

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