Silvia Acien Parrilla

Born 1999

Silvia Acien Parrilla Portfolio

Regenerative Folklore

The collection unites past and present, weaving memories and the designer's ancestral identity. Guided by her grandmother’s wisdom, Silvia Acien Parrilla honours traditional techniques with local resources and a commitment to a regenerative approach, preserving the earth's resources and promoting biodiversity. Garments - crafted from pineapple, nettle, and banana fibres - are fully plant-based and hand-dyed using natural tints made from invasive plants and bacteria, aiding water conservation, which is a key focus for this project. The project is developed in collaboration with biodesigner Xue Chen, who expertly handled the dyeing process and implanted bio-furs in the ruffles. Each stitch isn't just part of a garment but also a symbol of the designer's ties to her ancestors, community, and the earth.

Selection motivation

The collection of Silvia Acien Parilla has been selected to be part of the finalists of ITS 2024 edition because her creative journey not only has ended with a powerful collection, but it has been recognised as a great example or story telling, craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability. She was able to convey her concept of family heritage and local village traditions and resources as well as her concern towards producing innovation while respecting our planet by using original fibers made of pineapple, nettle and banana, dyed with natural bacteria dyes thus showing a water conservation approach. Her collection displays a deep understanding of research and experimentation on materials, techniques and silhouette.

Deanna Ferretti