Clementine Baldo

Born 1998


GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG

Designer Clémentine Baldo develops textile experiments using upcycled melted vinyl gloves to mimic the texture and feel of skin. She works on prints exploring disturbed nudity, in which she symbolically destroys her own body to nurture a violent yet vulnerable version of female corporeality. The result is a play on nudity, on what is hidden and seen and on the notion of disconnecting and re-collaging with the body. Experimenting with these concepts, Clémentine erases the boundaries of the body itself, re-assembling new patterns. For the Go!25 Borderless project she experimented deforming her own chest with stilettos pressed against her breast. The resulting shapes were developed into a body corset sculpture, paired with a printed dress featuring a collage of her body parts.

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