Since its creation, conceived as a universal, democratic object, Swatch has been thriving on diversity, multiplicity, dynamism, inclusion and positive energies that intertwine, feed on each other and multiply. In this vein, in 2011 the Swatch Art Peace Hotel opened in Shanghai: a remarkable position, in the heart of the most dynamic and vibrant of Chinese metropolis, a unique space in terms of dimensions, style and capacity, expressly conceived for artists of all generations, from all countries and all disciplines, that will make here their ‘home’ for a few months and have the chance to carry out their work and express their talent, meet other artists and interact with the local art community. To date the Swatch Art Peace Hotel has been hosting more than 480 artists, from 55 countries. Eight of them were recipients of the ITS/Swatch Art Peace Hotel award in previous editions of the contest.