Fondazione ITS

The 15th of March 2022 a foundation named “Fondazione ITS” has been established in Trieste. It incorporates the ideals of its predecessor the Eve Cultural Association Creativity Research Lab, continuing the creative path blazed by the former in developing and managing the ITS Contest, now more than twenty years old, and carrying forward the development of the ITS Arcademy project.


Governing body

Barbara Franchin, Sergio Drioli and Fabio Bressan are the founders.

The board of directors is the main governing body of the foundation; it consists of at least five and no more than eleven members; its members perform their roles without remuneration and remain in office for 5 years; current members of the Board of Directors are Barbara Franchin, Presidente; Sergio Drioli, Vice presidente; Fabio Bressan, Andrea Fortunato and Giorgio Altin, Directors. The Board of Auditors must monitor the administration of the Foundation, supervise compliance with the law and the statute, respect for the principles of proper administration and, in particular, the fitness of the organisational, administrative and accounting structure adopted by the Foundation and its actual running. It must prepare reports to the financial statements.
The Board of Statutory Auditors remains in office for three financial years and its members may be reappointed. Its members may only be dismissed for just cause.

Statutory auditors are remunerated at the minimum rate laid down for chartered accountants. The auditors to date are Aldo Lonciari, Silla Sandrin and Simona Scalise.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of all public and private entities identified by the Board of Directors who can contribute to achieving the Foundation's aims, conferring on the Foundation a creative heritage that meets its ideals.

Save Creativity! Committee

The Save Creativity! Committee is composed of:

a) all the public and private entities that set up the Foundation by contributing a share of the initial endowment fund;

b) a representative of the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia;

c) all public and private entities which undertake to contribute to the achievement of the Foundation’s purposes, by granting the Foundation financial endowments or contributions to its assets fund, with or without constraints regarding their use, for a minimum value determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.