Tomer Stolbov

Anagrafica vincitore ancora da ricevere

Titolo concept ancora da ricevere

Among its unpainted brick houses, the Bolivian city of El Alto is also home to the eye-catching and bold buildings designed by architect Freddy Mamani. These buildings, that many call “Cholets,” were the beginning of a distinctive style that emerged in the early 2000s now called Neo-Andean Architecture. It defies colonialist and modern architecture, and reclaims Aymara culture and heritage. Mamani uses traditional indigenous symbols, like the condor or the Andean Cross, and his constructions feature straight lines, diagonal arrangements and geometric shapes, incorporating the rich colorful palette of indigenous textiles. Tomer was fascinated by the unique geometry of his work, as well as the similarities between the construction of these buildings and the inner structure of tailored garments. Rooted in traditional tailoring details, this menswear collection itself is a translation of Mamani’s Neo-Andean style, colors and shapes in wearable form. Each outfit features a head-to-toe look, demonstrating a wealth of colors and textures.

Lotto Sport Award – 2nd place

The Lotto Sport Award assigned 3.000, 2.000 and 1.000 euro respectively to three winners who developed a sneakers project

Award Motivation

Creativity/originality expressed in terms of concepts, modelling, colours and graphics. An ability to express and convey ideas, drawing skills, explanations and the use of digital programs. Design skills, in terms of quality of the models and prototypes presented. Presentation of the project - both in the portfolio and in the performance video. And finally a sportswear attitude.

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